Safe Span LLC Provides Crack Gauge to ALDOT’s 2 Day Bridge Inspection Refresher Course

Safe Span LLC Provides Crack Gauge to ALDOT’s 2 Day Bridge Inspection Refresher Course

Safe Span LLC bridge inspection company provided hundreds of crack gauges to attendees of ALDOT’s 2 Day Bridge Inspection Refresher Course that was held October 12 & 13. The gauges are used to measure the gaps found while inspecting bridges. Safe Span wants to show their support to other bridge inspectors and insure the safety of travelers on Alabama bridges.

Crack Comparator Gauges


The crack (comparator) gauge is the most basic tool a bridge inspector must use in the “hands-on” safety inspection of structures. It is possibly the most essential as well. Cracks can indicate a problem that may threaten the structural integrity of a bridge of timber, concrete or steel components. Monitoring these cracks over time can help determine the cause and severity of the defect. They can also be used to track vertical and horizontal movement of the bridge members. The gauges are marked to show the units in the proper scale and increments for Element Level Inspections.

Safe Span, LLC does have a few gauges for distribution at no charge. Every bridge inspector should have one with them during inspections. If you need one, please contact us and we will send you a gauge.

Hundreds of bridge inspectors attended the Bridge Inspection Refresher course where they were reminded of the fundamental in visual inspection, reviewed what was necessary to understand how bridges function, learn to communicate issues relative to our infrastructure, and a bridge inspector’s professional obligations.

Attendees reviewed bridge inspector qualifications and duties, the mechanics of a bridge, documentation, traffic safety features, how fatigue and fractures affect a bridge. The National Bridge Inventory (NBI) component ratings, superstructure type identification, inspection techniques and case studies for substructures, channels, culverts, decks, bearings and superstructures.

After the refresher course bridge inspectors should be able to:

  • Code National Bridge Inventory (NBI) items accurately
  • Identify National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) revisions
  • Code NBI components using the Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation’s Bridges
  • Accurately inspect and evaluate a bridge’s four traffic safety features
  • Determine if overall structure/structural member is fracture critical prone
  • List the keys to ensuring a safe work environment
  • Identify and document inspection observations using standard methods
  • Describe the current overall condition and condition trends for the nation’s bridges